Resolution: A New You for the New Year

Resolution: A New You for the New Year

Health Detox and Cleanse Palos Heights IL

Our 28-Day Detox & Cleanse Will Help You Look and Feel your Best for 2017

The Holidays are wonderful, but we often use the season as an excuse to throw all our healthy habits out the window. Inevitably, after gorging ourselves on countless heavy meals with rich food and too many drinks and desserts, many of us greet the New Year feeling exhausted and unhealthy rather than rested and refreshed. Consequently, we can find that we are too tired to resume our usual exercise activities, and this can lead to a vicious circle that can seriously degrade our health, our appearance, and our enjoyment of life.

If you over-indulged during the Holiday Season, you may experience any or all of the following symptoms:

  • Weight gain
  • Feeling bloated
  • Lack of energy
  • Loss of mental sharpness/brain fog

These are all signs that your body is calling for help. Are you listening?

Answer the Call
Get a fresh start, get healthy, and feel good again in the New Year with Dr. Gus Advanced Health and Wellness Centers Deluxe 28-Day Detox Program! Our proprietary detox and cleanse program works quickly and safely to remove unhealthy toxins, waste, and sediment from your body, clearing the path for better digestion, increased energy levels, and a restored feeling of flow and vitality to your entire body.

The Results You Want – FAST
Our program provides safe, natural weight loss with visible results in a mere fraction of the time required by traditional diets. We accomplish this by combining our specially formulated Detox & Cleanse Shake (D&C) with a healthy diet that is customized to your body through our Applied Kinesiology (AK) analysis. We use AK evaluations to create specific treatments and protocols that remove blockages and impediments to the natural flow of the body. It is the restoration of this flow to the nervous system, circulatory system, digestive and hormonal systems that quickly and naturally gives you a renewed sense of vitality, increased energy, and improved health.

Results You Can See
We evaluate your health and chart your progress on the program by gauging the results of scientific tests:

  • Using a sample of your saliva, we measure your body’s PH levels.
  • We also determine your water weight vs. your total body weight. A common finding in individuals with high levels of toxins and attendant chronic health problems is low water-weight (dehydration) in relation to their overall body weight. In other words, low water-weight may be a result of the body being too toxic to retain proper water levels.

Here are Some of the Many Health Benefits Gained Through our 28-Day Detox and Cleanse Program:

  • Weight loss of 8-12 pounds
  • No bloating or gas
  • Fall asleep easier
  • Wake up refreshed
  • Enjoy more abundant energy throughout the day
  • Headaches disappear
  • Restored ability to focus and maintain attention
  • Acne and other blemishes begin to diminish
  • Skin becomes softer, more balanced, healthier, and more radiant
  • Redness/flushing of the skin disappears
  • The whites of your eyes become brighter
  • Hair becomes fuller, thicker, and less brittle
  • Nails become harder, and grow much faster

A Head Start on a Fresh Start
Stay the Course! Once the detox is completed, you will look and feel dramatically better, but it is important to regard the 28-Day Detox Program as the first positive step in a better life, not merely an end in itself. We strongly encourage patients to continue the good habits that they will have newly established on the program, to help ensure a lifetime of health and happiness.

  • We recommend that patients gradually transition from the 28-Day Detox Program to their new daily diet, adding only one or two new foods a week, starting with the mildest foods such as legumes, raw cheeses, hummus, tahini, and slowly working towards a more varied and healthy diet.
  • Foods that are organic, raw, unprocessed and single-sourced are the best.
  • Coffee lovers should buy whole organic beans and grind them yourself, as the naturally occurring oils present in coffee quickly become rancid when exposed to oxygen through factory grinding and processing.
  • Minimize your intake of foods that can trigger inflammation.
  • ELIMINATE PROCESSED FOODS! While our program is unique, all sensible diet plans – Paleo, South Beach, Macro, Mediterranean, etc. – promote minimizing or completely removing all processed foods from your diet.

There is No Magic Bullet
Optimal results cannot be achieved through the use of our D&C shake alone. In keeping with Our Philosophy of Custom Care, it is important to stress that these three factors – the D&C formula, a healthy diet, and regular exercise – are so effective because they work together synergistically within the body. Cutting out foods that trigger inflammation of the tissues (dairy, grains, processed foods, refined sugars, and caffeine) allows the D&C formula to have maximum efficacy within the body, and regular exercise, are vital parts of the program and will help you achieve optimal results.

If you are dying for a change, please call either of our clinics for a consultation. We can help get you back on track, and living an active, energized, healthy, pain-free life. Complete our 28-Day Detox & Cleanse Program and feel the exhilarating results of having more energy, and a zest for life. You CAN feel good again!



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