Our Philosophy of Custom Care

Our Philosophy of Custom Care

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So many doctors will tell patients, “You can’t.” They’ll say “You are at the end of care” or “Nothing more can be done” and otherwise turn away patients who go to them looking for resolution of their problems. These types of practitioners live in a very narrow world constrained by a severely limited set of approaches. They look at you, not as a person, but as a vessel for a symptom. They match up that symptom to a one-size-fits-all treatment and when that treatment has run its course, they throw up their hands and dismiss you. Such practitioners have filled the letter, but not the spirit of their calling to heal their patients. Is it any wonder why so many people are frustrated that their doctors don’t listen to them?

The Blind Men and The Elephant

There is an old Jainist parable about six blind men who live in a village. They encountered an elephant for the first time, so they decided to learn what an elephant was by touching it. One blind man grabbed the tail and said, “An elephant is like a rope!” A second blind man touched the massive leg of the beast and declared, “No, no—an elephant is like a pillar!” A third blind man touched the tusk of the elephant and argued, “Not at all, an elephant is like a thick branch of a tree!” Each had an entirely different idea of what an elephant was because they were only examining a small part of the whole. While each of the blind men had a piece of the puzzle, each insisted that their truth was the only truth that mattered. There has never been a more telling parable about the specialization of medicine.

Treating The Entirety of the Patient

I don’t think in those terms. When I see the stray thread on a person, I don’t settle for merely treating the thread itself; I look back to the person—every aspect of that person—and examine the entire individual to seek the source of the original unraveling of that thread. I ask detailed questions, I listen to my patients, discover their history, their diet, their patterns of use, their posture, ask questions about their local environment, and more. I look for muscle weaknesses and signs of stresses and other imbalances, and test their nervous, lymphatic, immune, and vascular systems. It is vital to look at the unity of the whole, in order to divine the true source of any disruptions to that unity. We then realign your body through courses of Applied Kinesiology and chiropractic, consider augmenting with orthotics, high-quality dietary supplements, and other treatments all designed to break up the chain of improper use and bad habits that underlie the obvious symptoms. It is through this fully integrated course of truly customized care that I am able to alleviate pain, restore functions, and help patients feel good again.



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