Sports Injury / Improvement in Palos Heights

Sports Injury / Improvement Palos Heights IL

Whether you sprained your ankle two hours ago or have had a nagging injury for years, Dr. Gus can provide relief from pain in Palos Heights.

Dr. Gus and his staff of doctors are leading authorities in treating sports injuries. We provide accurate diagnosis, correct injuries to prevent future degeneration, and relieve pain quickly, so athletes can safely and comfortably get back in the game as soon as possible.

Many therapists treat athletic injuries for swelling and pain while ignoring the condition of the structure. As a result, many of these athletes eventually end up with irreversible degeneration in their joints and body parts.

How Sports Injuries are Diagnosed:

Dr. Gus’ vast knowledge of muscles and their function through Applied Kinesiology allows him to identify the muscle patterns involved. Once identified, Dr. Gus can begin the process to relieve the pain and take the necessary steps to correct structural weaknesses, tears and misalignments. The result is complete recovery of that injury.

“In my experience, an athlete can experience almost complete alleviation of pain, as long as the structure has not deteriorated to the point where its function is permanently compromised,” said Dr. Gus. “I have seen patients who have suffered from chronic pain for years become pain-free in as little as five treatments if structures like the joints, ligaments, and discs were all intact and healthy enough to recover with the proper treatment.”

At our clinics we utilize:

  • Postural Analysis
  • Gait Assessment (of the patient’s stride length)
  • Computerized Analysis of Body-weight Distribution
  • Range of Motion

When the information gained through these computerized tests is integrated with the practices of Applied Kinesiology, we are then able to pinpoint the patient’s muscle weaknesses and imbalances.

Treatments and Procedures for Sports Injuries:

We locate the body parts that are not functioning properly at the site of pain, as well as away from the site of pain. We then analyze which treatments will most effectively bring them back to full function free of pain and ready to perform.

What makes Dr. Gus’ approach so unique is that he can assess exactly what the body needs and divine the correct order of applications so the patient can recover faster. This of course leads to specialized treatments that are custom-tailored to the individual patient.

We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to patient care. Instead, we draw from a wide range of tools that we employ selectively to address each patient’s unique needs.

Sometimes a sprained ankle happens because someone rolled it over during an active sports play. Other times, such injuries can occur in the course of everyday activities. These are two different scenarios of the same pain pattern and must be treated differently.

Based on the history and circumstances of the injury, we can then diagnose which body parts are damaged and what treatments would be most beneficial for that patient’s unique genetics at the site of pain.

In the case of the athlete that was training and rolled their ankle, they may have an entirely different pre-existing pattern of muscular dysfunctions that have led to that injury. That athlete’s body may suffer from long-ranging effects separate from the ankle that might have led to the injury, and should not be treated like a “casual” sprain. In many situations, while pain is present there, the underlying cause of the sports injury is not the ankle itself.

The sports injury to the ankle will more likely develop arthritic problems if it is not properly assessed and corrected. The long-range problems must be found and remediated so the body can stabilize the ankle and put it in full function so that it does not deteriorate with use in the future.



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