Anti-Aging Treatments in Palos Heights

Anti-Aging Treatments Palos Heights IL

Anti-aging is the pinnacle of health care. Regardless of the discipline, any doctor who truly understands how to achieve anti-aging knows it can only be done through natural means and with a lot of dedication.

Anti-aging in Palos Heights is the concept of taking care of the body so it ages slower and people can look and feel younger and be more active much later in life. Due to the responsibility it takes for this type of care, these patients tend to be “the cream of the crop”. For this reason Dr. Gus believes that he and his staff need to be the “cream of the crop in anti-aging.”

Our anti-aging treatments are not quick-fix surgical interventions intended to focus solely on the outward appearance of health. While those approaches sometimes achieve limited cosmetic results, they do nothing to help patients retain a younger working body. To slow the body clock down and keep the body from aging prematurely an anti-aging doctor needs to be educated in the entirety of the human body.

Our integrated approach examines how every organ and gland works, how the body breaks down food and delivers nutrients to feed each part of the body, checks amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, and hormones, and evaluates the balanced interrelationship of all of these essential systems to help you maintain a healthy, vibrant body.

To achieve this, Dr. Gus believes in working with his patients from the inside out and the outside in. This is the only way to keep the body functioning at a high level and maintain a youthful look, feel, and vigor in our later years.

Dr. Gus developed his own advanced anti-aging laboratory to conduct much more rigorous analysis of body chemistry than that typically used in more traditional blood work, designed to bring the body back into balance. These tests are utilized to first correct any health issues the patient currently has. The lab results are then evaluated to keep those patients balanced, and help them to avoid health problems in the future. It is much easier to keep a person younger who is “not always sick” then one who always is.

When the body is free of disease and functioning normally, we experience a sense of unimpeded flow that improves every aspect of our lives, gives us more energy, flexibility, and strength. A person who has recaptured their sense of flow feels alert, focused, positive, and enjoys deep, restful sleep.



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