Chiropractic Testimonials

"We could not be more thankful for the treatments and care that Dr. Gus has given our 4 year old daughter. She recently came down with a fever (103.8) and seemed to have cold/flu symptoms. There had been reports of strep and flu in her school so we took her to an immediate care facility. The tests for strep and flu came back negative, but the doctor wanted to treat her condition as the flu. We were given two prescriptions and were told she would be on them for 10-12 days.

Dr. Gus saw her the very next day for a treatment and was able to locate the areas of her body that were challenged by the infection, adjust her, and advise a healthy range of supplements to combat the infection instead of using the antibiotics. We followed his exact instruction for how to give the supplements and saw the change he said should take place within days. All of this without any of the antibiotics.

As parents who have been very accustomed to using prescriptions to fight infections this was a trust we placed in the use of supplements to heal the body. We saw the results first hand and were amazed. Our daughter has been able to avoid the stomach upset, and all side effects that come with antibiotics on children’s little bodies. From parent to parent, trust and take a step outside of the “norm” for your children and give them access to natural health measures that help their entire body. You will not regret it!"

- Marcy B.

"My name is Amanda and I am a 33 year old wife and mother to three sweet girls who are 6, 4 and 1 years old. It is due to each of my pregnancies and the demands of motherhood which have led to my back problems starting back in 2010. Each successive pregnancy and child led to more and more pain and difficulty doing everyday tasks. By the time I was pregnant with our third child I had days that I had to crawl around the house trying to care for my older two. I could not pick up either girl and had trouble getting them on the potty and tying their shoes. After giving birth to this third little girl I continued to struggle with getting her out of the crib, getting up after feeding her on the couch and bending to pick up toys or help the two older girls. I had seen a few chiropractors who had helped to some degree but I decided it was time to do something more.

I saw an orthopedic surgeon and did an MRI. He told me that I had a bad herniation between my lumbar and sacral vertebrae. My options were therapy, cortisone shots or surgery to remove the herniated portion of the disc. I started with therapy which gave me some good tools to decrease my pain and increase my ability to do everyday tasks. However, it did not last and did not stop me from having “episodes” of difficulty walking and inability to stand up all the way. I just knew I could not keep going like this and I started to consider surgery.

My mom, dad, sister and husband had all seen Dr. Gus and said I should see him before seriously looking into the surgery. Dr. Gus was able to see that the problem was not just the herniation but the underlying causes for herniation; weak, damaged ligaments and my tailbone was completely out of line. Understanding this helped me to see that unless I fixed those problems I would never get relief. So surgery was off the table and we started working on my back and ligaments as a whole.

After a few months of seeing Dr. Gus one to two times a week plus his recommended supplements, I have not had any more episodes. I am able to tie my girls’ shoes, pick up my baby and do general housework. I am not completely recovered by I am so much better! Healing my back is a process but it is a relief to know that I am not heading to back surgery at 33 years old.

I recommend Dr. Gus to anyone experiencing back pain. You do not have to live that way! A huge thank you to Dr. Gus! You have made a difference in my life and the lives of my family."

- Amanda R.

"I came in to see Dr. Gus with crippling back pain – my second episode in a few months. I had to be driven to the clinic and helped up to Dr. Gus’ office. I could barely walk.

I’ve played sports all my life. With injuries I’ve endured throughout this time, I assumed my options to address my back pain would be limited to surgery with substantial recovery time, which means time off of work. As a GM of finance at a busy automotive dealership, I can’t afford to be away from work for long.

To my surprise, Dr. Gus found that I had severe inflammation in my intestinal tract and diagnosed the cause of this inflammation as a gut issue, which turned out to be the underlying cause of my back pain.

Dr. Gus created a treatment plan consisting of Applied Kinesiology manipulations and put me on high dosage of enzymes and other anti-inflammatory supplements, which aided in my recovery, getting me back to work within a week and feeling good again.

My family has now been going to Dr. Gus Advanced Health and Wellness Centers for about a year and could not be happier with the high level of precision and professionalism from all staff. Dr Gus is simply the best!"

- Jeffrey K.

"I have been dealing with digestive issues for most of my adult life – more than 20 years. I have been through five gastrointestinal doctors and not one of them were able to help me. I work in the medical field and I believe we are brainwashed to go the medical route (give me a pill to fix it). Well, I have done everything under the sun and decided to explore other options. That’s when I heard about Dr. Gus. He is very smart, kind, and he actually listens to his patients. But – If you want him to fix your issue, then you REALLY have to listen to him….NO CHEATING! He put me through the 28-Day Detox Program and it changed my life. Truth be told – It was kind of hard at times, but if you stick with it, you will be so happy you did! I have my life back and I’m feeling good for the first time in years. Thank you Dr. Gus, you are amazing!"

- Sherry B.

"I highly recommend Dr. Gus and company to anyone that has an illness and wants to find answers when no one else has been able to help them–and to do it holistically! I’m finally getting my life back! Thanks guys!"

- Nicole M. L.

"This is the best place to go to with issues with anything, not just your back. Consider giving them a try!"

- Julie W.

"In 2007, I started taking another series of tests offered by Advanced Health & Wellness Centers which checked my urine, calcium, sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, oxygen levels, wet and dry blood cell activity, and many other things. These tests helped reveal a larger picture of my overall health. Together with the Bio Meridian tests, we were able to see causes and patterns in my health issues and address them to improve my overall health status. Without these tests, I hate to imagine the state of health I might be in. I strongly feel that if we can locate the weaknesses in my body early and address them, I can ward off potential diseases that run in my family."

- Kris T.

"I was referred to Advanced Health & Wellness Centers through a family member and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Gus understood my health issues and knew what path to take to get me on the road to better health. He is extremely knowledgeable and he and his staff are very warm and welcoming. I would definitely recommend Dr. Gus for all your health issues."

- Julie T.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Gus for many years now and I am so thankful I was turned on to him by a friend. He has helped me immensely, teaching me to be proactive about my health, and how to get ahead of problems before they start. He is so much more than just a Chiropractor. He has a great deal to offer in the area of alternative medicine and provides comprehensive testing that keys in on your metabolic functioning. Simply put, he is brilliant in his area of expertise. I highly recommend him to anyone that wants to improve their overall well being!"

- Zoe P.

"Dr. Gus and his philosophy and practice have significantly enhanced my lifestyle and afforded me the opportunity to live healthy and maintain an aggressive approach to my recreational activities. I have referred him to my family members and they are grateful for the new outlook on life through applied wellness. Without him, I would have continued with a sub-par standard of living. I thank God for having met him. His team of practitioners are dedicated and committed to each patron learning more about themselves, in improving overall health and wellness. I’d like to make this the best kept secret but something this good must be shared!"

- D. L.

"This clinic is truly top notch! I have been being treated by Dr. Gus for a little over a year now and could not be happier with the results. His knowledge of chiropractic and holistic health is very impressive. I appreciate that Dr. Gus takes his time to provide a personalized wellness program based on each client’s specific needs. I highly recommend Dr. Gus and his staff."

- Leonie D.

"Dr. Gus is the best! Before being referred to Advanced Health & Wellness Centers, I went to numerous doctors in the city, the emergency room a few times, allergists, etc., and I couldn’t find anyone that could help me. I had chronic hives, joint pain, and stomach issues. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Gus and it was the best thing to ever happen to me. He has turned my health around without medications and has taught me about true wellness. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Gus and his clinic."

- Colleen O.

"I am very physically active, and even still play full-contact ice hockey. I was starting to become resigned to the fact that I was getting older and my skills, abilities, energy, and recovery time from injuries just were not what they used to be when I was younger. I WAS WRONG! Although I went to many other doctors and specialists, I can tell you that Dr. Gus is great at what he does. He is not interested in a quick-fix, collect your money, and shove you out the door approach. After reading his reviews, I gave him a shot – and the reviews were right. He takes a much broader approach that combines fixing immediate concerns, working on prevention to achieve better health and – most important for me – getting my energy and recovery back to peak levels (which I found out is NOT just for young people). Thanks Dr. Gus, I’m in the best shape and health of my life!"

- Brian K.

"Advanced Health & Wellness Centers are what true wellness centers should be. I have been in several car accidents, and Dr. Gus has kept me living a pain-free lifestyle. Structure seems to come easy for these doctors utilizing their Applied Kinesiology background, but they have also helped me out with several internal issues I encountered. They are phenomenal from structural support to chronic types of issues! I would give them 10 stars if I could!"

- George F.

"I am 47, and have always been an athlete (basketball, martial arts, golf). I have always pushed myself very hard, and have long had back problems that contributed to tearing up my left knee very badly. I have been to a number of doctors and chiropractors, and some (if not most) have had no answers for me. Dr. Gus was able to diagnose a number of serious issues that I had and treated them! For example, my L5 was seriously depressed. Even at my age, he was able to get the L5 to realign, and with the combination of prolotherapy from Dr. Hauser (to strengthen the SI joint ligaments to hold the adjustments), I no longer have the back problem that has plagued me my entire life! Dr. Gus is not a rack’em and crack’em chiropractor. He makes adjustments to muscles, tendons, and ligaments to get your body working the way it should. I now play a lot of golf and have recently injured my right oblique. I went to a renowned Sports DO and a physical therapist and both had no answers for me. Only Dr. Gus has been able to identify and treat the issue. Dr. Gus gave me back my life and I highly recommend him!"

- Linas C.

"Dr. Gus is a miracle worker. If you trust him with your life – he will save your life. His knowledge of the human body is beyond what others claim to know. It is my new mission in life to help people see how beautiful life is – and the paradise that our world is. Sometimes it takes getting sick – and RECOVERING to find that beauty. And, to find that perfect doctor who cares so deeply for each and every one of his patients."

- Laura



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