Customized Care for Painful Disc Problems

Customized Care for Painful Disc Problems

Painful Disc Palos Heights IL

At Dr. Gus Advanced Health & Wellness, we examine the entire individual to seek the source of their herniated or bulging disc. While there may have been an original or inciting incident that led to people being in pain or having limitations, those symptoms will have a domino effect within the body, leading to a cascade of other related symptoms. Many people have body problems that flare up once they start working out on a regular basis only to make them stop again. These people then tend to get into bad habits leading to weight gain and eventually poor diets and lifestyles in general.

When a patient presents with potential disc problems, I look at foot function and see if the feet are properly aligned and balanced in the muscles and tendons, discover whether the arch needs to be addressed, and consider the possibility of using a corrective orthotic. In addition to these somewhat subjective evaluations, we rely on objective measurements through a variety of tests that provide us with a more complete picture of the state of your health. We evaluate the different ligaments around the tailbone to discover if they have lengthened, which can cause weakness and dysfunction. This dysfunction can in turn lead to instability and inflammation and, inevitably, pain. We look at balancing the body from the ground up, to break the chain that daily leading to improper pelvic imbalance.

We will correct dietary imbalances through targeted medical-grade supplements that are far more efficacious than the cheap vitamin pills you routinely buy at supermarkets. We educate you in proper diet, realign your body through courses of chiropractic, consider augmenting with orthotics, and other treatments all designed to break up the chain of improper use and bad habits that underlie the obvious symptoms.

Everyone is different. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions to the specific problems of unique patients. At Dr. Gus Advanced Health and Wellness, we see you as the individual you are, and the healthier individual that you have the potential to be. Our work is informed and guided by a combination of careful laboratory tests and the experienced, intelligent hands of our AK specialists. It is through this fully integrated course of care that I am able to alleviate the painful symptoms of herniated discs, restore proper function, and help patients feel good again.

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