Dr. Gus FIXED It!

Dr. Gus FIXED It!

Robert Katchen Grateful Patient Palos Heights IL
Robert Katchen, age 51, grateful patient of Dr. Gus Advanced Health and Wellness Centers.

Testimonial from Rob Katchen, IT Executive, age 51

Rob Katchen had always been active, exercising every day at home, going to the gym every other day for resistance/weight training, and running at least 2.5 miles three days a week. When he was 47 years old, however, that all changed…

“I began experiencing severe and debilitating lower back pain which radiated down my right leg. The pain was so bad that I could not stand for more than a minute at a time. In order to walk, I had to hunch over as if I were a 90-year old man, and would be exhausted after walking for less than 5 minutes. Sitting in a car was uncomfortable at best. Sitting at my desk or in a chair required me to constantly adjust my position every few minutes. Walking and standing was extremely debilitating and nearly kept me from being able to do my job. I felt trapped as I was forced to sit, when my normal mode of operation is to be up and about. My ability to perform any physical activity was extremely limited. I received temporary relief through a series of visits to a chiropractor, but those treatments never solved the underlying problem, and inevitably, the pain and my limitations returned.”

Rob wanted to feel good again. So he turned to Dr. Gus Advanced Health and Wellness Centers.

“Words cannot describe the difference Dr. Gus has made in my life. Unlike the standard chiropractic care I had previously received, Dr. Gus determined the root causes of my problem, and he fixed it. I was able to see an improvement almost immediately. His care has not only restored me to my previous level of health and ability but I’m better than ever. I am now able to exercise more, lift more weight, and able to maintain my very active lifestyle. At work, I am not limited by anything and have not been confined to my chair since under Dr. Gus’ care. I have repeatedly recommended Dr. Gus to friends who were also contemplating back surgery, and he has fixed them, too. Dr. Gus’ approach to Applied Kinesiology and his philosophy of treating the entire body works wonders, and I am living proof of it!”

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