Build a Foundation for Good Health

Build a Foundation for Good Health

Detox/Cleanse Palos Heights IL

As we begin the new year, and set our new goals, we must remember it all starts with our health. No goal can be achieved without a foundation of good health. I always recommend that my patients start the year with a detox/cleanse.

Most people spend the summer months enjoying themselves followed by more than two months of holiday parties and festivities to finish the year. That means that they spend almost half of the year neglecting and polluting their body. This is why we need to start the year off on the right foot by cleansing and resetting our bodies. There is no faster way to do that than a detox/cleanse.

We need to clean our body’s filters, called the liver and kidneys. The world we live in challenges our body with pollutants and toxins every day. Our liver and kidneys deal with that daily. Throw in a few summer months of relaxation and fun, however, and the gluttony of the holidays, and you have a recipe for disaster. By now, most people are sluggish, bloated, lack focus, and are just plain uncomfortable.

We like to tell our patients to “put the brakes” on all this. We need to set good habits now, early in the year, and there is no better way than the Deluxe 28-Day Detox. If we’re healthy, then everything is easier, and when everything is easier, life is more enjoyable.

Now is the best time to do a detox and feel good again!

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