First Post! The need to cleanse…

First Post! The need to cleanse…

Need to Cleanse Palos Heights IL

One recommendation I have this time of year after the holidays, is the need to cleanse…

The gluttony of parties, food, sugar, cookies and alcohol take a toll on the body. We gain weight, lose energy, lose focus. Add in the cold weather and shorter daylight hours, and we’ve got ourselves a challenge.

There is nothing better this time of year at resetting the metabolism and recharging the batteries like a detox or cleanse. And in my opinion there is nothing better than our 28 day detox program to accomplish this. It’s a terrific way to start the year off right and set health goals for the upcoming year.

The 28 day detox is a cleanse I put together 14 years ago that has stood the test of time. It works quickly at restoring the metabolism, stopping the cravings, increasing energy levels, increasing focus and shedding those extra pounds we put on the past few months. Our detox program eliminates all foods that irritate the body from the meal plan including many foods you consider to be good for you. What you have left are foods that rebuild the body and provide precious nutrients to restore balance and harmony.

One of the main goals of the detox is to repair the liver, which is our main filter of the blood. Chemicals found in processed foods and processed sugars disrupt the livers ability to filter the blood and this leads to inflammation within the body. If the inflammation remains long enough in the body it will cause damage to the organs and glands and lead to sickness or disease.

The detox shakes are loaded with nutrients specifically to help the liver repair it’s detox abilities.

Our detox shakes heal other organs and glands as well, including the small intestine. This corrects “leaky gut syndrome” and stops toxins from crossing the lining of the small intestine into the bloodstream, eliminating one of the major inflammatory pathways.

When a patient finishes the 28 days of detox they can expect: more energy, better sleep, headaches to disappear, skin to clear up, become more focused, look more vibrant with healthier fuller hair and stronger healthier nails. Digestive problems disappear, moods improve drastically, the bloated feelings disappear and weight losses of 8 to 12 pounds in the 28 days are typical.

We use detoxes successfully for all chronic health problems such as arthritis, IBS, ulcers , reflux, headaches, high blood pressure, vertigo, acne, hot flashes, PMS, hormonal imbalances, fibromyalgia, fatigue and other inflammatory health conditions.

Our detox is safe for everyone. We utilize all natural nutrients along with an all-natural diet.

I’d like to answer any questions you might have about how and why it works!

Thank you for joining us!

– Dr. Gus



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